Help me raise funds to build a house – Crowdfunding campaign

This is awkward.

And sincerely, the idea of having you go through this…. cringes me. I’m having a situation that demands dire resolve and after thinking long and hard over it and failing to find a solution, I have decided to share it with you in hopes of a miracle.

Our house needs to be rebuilt from grounds up as It is over 50 years old structure and in quite a poor condition. After spending years in service and with all the savings this is what I could barely afford to buy in name of a house. It has cost me every dime and then some.

Still, it’s a wonderful realization that I have my own house. I had never imagined of this all my life. I mean… out of a $300 monthly paycheck, it’s rather impossible to endure through all the expenses at home and still be able to save something like this.

This is some achievement.

Since we moved in, I knew what’s coming next…. a full reconstruction from scratch. Walls are built with clay, the roof is willing to give up. No matter how good you mop the floor, it’s no use as dirt keeps popping from cracks. Just a six feet high boundary wall is a continuous concern for my family’s safety whenever I’m gone to work. But of course, we made it work thankfully as an average small house price ranges around $50,000 while we got ours for a bit over $14,000. This is like moon for us. My kids have their own place now and their mother is grateful to finally have her own house.

What actually caused the gravest concerns about the worsening situation of this house… was the rains. The roof started dripping, water rushed through the walls spilling clay all over like it’s some waterfall… ruining the furniture and everything.

I have to admit that the house needs to be properly reconstructed sooner than later. An average estimate is around $19,000.

That’s too much for me.

Even if I start saving in die hard mode for the remainder of my service in the Police department and if that became feasible somehow the cost would have tripled anyway by that time. No bank is going to loan me given my profession.

I have no means to manage that on my own.

So I came with this to you… as a last resort.

Well, more of a desperate and shameless plea for crowd funding. I humbly request you to please take this into consideration and see if you can spare a few bucks comfortably. That would mean the world to me. It’s a very big sum and I’d thankfully accept any size of donations since every penny counts.

Maybe I’ll make it. 🙂

Last year I ran this campaign for two months, nearly a hundred people donated an amount over $4700 but unfortunately, it didn’t go on for long enough as the relevant payment processor shut it down. Since then, besides spending over 15 hours a day at work, I have been carrying this frustration for inability to run this campaign and it’s been depressing.

I want to say, I’m hopeful.

For, I believe in you.


You can either click the blue button to donate through DonorBox pop-up form  Donate or visit my DonorBox fundraiser page.

My bank details.
Bank name:           Standard Chartered Bank, Pakistan.
Account name:     Neman Ashraf
Account #:            01716697201
IBAN #:                 PK66SCBL0000001716697201
Swift code:           SCBLPKKX

Help me raise funds to be able to rebuild our house and provide my little ones a better living environment. I’ll be eternally grateful to you.

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